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In Nanjing: Service Guide for Foreigners

It’s our hope that Chinese and foreign friends will be adapted fast to the life of Nanjing, be familiarized with Nanjing and love the lifestyle in Nanjing. To this end, the Promotion Office of Nanjing Urban Internationalization plays a leading role in editing the manual “In Nanjing: Service Guide for Foreigners”. From eight aspects, i.e. “Welcome to Nanjing”“Traffic in Nanjing”“Food in Nanjing”“Travel in Nanjing”“Shopping in Nanjing”“Living in Nanjing”“Study in Nanjing” and “Business in Nanjing”, this book represents Nanjing to Chinese and foreign friends in an objective, comprehensive and interesting way.

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Nanjing Foreign Affairs Office_足彩竞彩,足球竞彩网

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